Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cornelius Cardew Scratch Music Part 3

The exciting conclusion to the three part trilogy of the Scratch Music Transcriptions:

"Tap Dance"

"Sit down, stand up and say "is there anybody here" (6 times)"

"Go tell it on the mountain"

"Funny Laugh"

"Funny laugh, plus silly walk"

"Funny laugh plus silly walk plus comical facial expression"

"Try just a little bit harder"

"Imitate as closely as possibly someone else's playing"

"Do any activity backwards"

"Go higher and higher"

"Sing the blues"

"Speak unintelligibly"


"Play without rhyme or reason"

"Sing a rude song"

"Have a fit"

"Do something tasteful"

"Stamp foot"



"Animal Sounds"


"Play Beethoven"

"Pay attention to the person furthest away from you"

"Fade away"

"Go as far as possible in one direction"

"Make your breathing audible but not forced"

"Communicate non-verbally"

"Sigh deeply"

"Gentle and imaginative soloist"

"Over-do it"

"Keep it up"

"Slide around"

"A great noise, a very expensive noise"

"Fish for the notes"

"Go on for longer than you intended"

"Someday my prince will come"

"Now for something completely different"

"Be redundant"


"Bang like a door in a gale"

"Scream hysterically"

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