Friday, May 8, 2009

Skirl Records part 2

Returning now to finish up the second part post on the music from Chris Speed's label "Skirl Records."  The next in the series is a group titled "Human Feel" with Jim Black, Chris Speed, Andrew D'Angelo and Kurt Rosinwinkle.  Several of these musicians started out in Seattle playing music together in high school, and making a move collectively to Boston, and eventually New York.  These musicians all have formed the foundation of many Brooklyn based ensembles, included TYFT, Human Feel, Alasnoaxis, and many others.  So the group Human Feel broke up for roughly ten years while everyone went their separate ways, and re-united on this skirl album "Galore" Skirl number 006.  
For something drastically different, Skirl 007 features Jessica Pavone and Mary Halvorson from the school of of Anthony Braxton.  Personally there is no better to describe it but beautiful minimal folk music, with some spicy dissonances thrown in for extra flavor.  Both musicians sing on the record, but not on every piece.  Pavone plays violin while Halvorson provides the guitar tracks.  Halvorson was also on the Skirl 002 album of Ted Reichman's, and also was laying it down.  
Skirl 008 brought the noise that is the "Gay Disco Trio" with Andrew D'Angelo on sax, Trevor Dunn and Jim Black.  Andrew sounds on fire on the record, and they play a very diverse set of material.  Andrew and Jim have a long connection from back in the Seattle days, and Trevor Dunn has become more of a monster of a bass player over the years.
H-Alpha Skirl 009 is an album I have taken too many listens to.  Jim Black adds electronics to his drum/percussion set up, and Briggan Krauss of Sexmob fame plays saxophones with Ikue Mori's laptop electronics.  I would like to hear more of Ikue's playing on these Skirl records, and hope she is included on more of these projects.  She adds a wonderful backdrop to Zorn's Electric Masada group, and has her own wonderful tzadik project "Phantom Orchid" with Zeena Parkins on electric harp.  This is a good album, but I need to give it more listens.
Now as far as the new albums in the works, I heard rumor a while ago that Oscar Noreiga was recording a trio album with Mark Helias (I think), and Tom Rainey.  The next release is a second Curtis Hasselbring New Mellow Edwards album that is out, and in the mail coming to my house soon!  Ben Perowsky has a quartet album coming out on Skirl with Chris Speed, Ted Reichman and Drew Gress.  This is Drew Gress' first entrance onto the Skirl label, and being the steady buoyant beat of the Claudia quintet and many other groups he will solidify the groove on the drummer led record.  TYFT is coming out with another record as well, with the added trumpet of virtuoso Peter Evans.  So far this wraps up the Skirl albums I know about, and when I get to hear the New Mellow Edwards record, and the next few I'll make another post on Skirl, so maybe in a few months!  BUY SKIRL ALBUMS, SUPPORT THIS NEW AND EXCITING LABEL OF MUSIC!

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