Tuesday, September 29, 2009

11 Wayne Shorter albums in 9 and a half hours

ALL NIGHTER!! It's been a while since I have pulled one of these, at least a few years. I wanted to get that calm feeling of no sleep, that natural perspective changer, and what better way then to stay up catching up on work, as well as listening through 11 Wayne Shorter albums back to back!

Introducing Wayne Shorter: A good starter, bluesy, but not in a kitsch/cliché sort of way. Wayne's gentle harmonizations at the end of lines really do this album justice. Not modal, but hints of it, as well as hints of Coltrane Giant Steps substitutions, 1959!

Second Genesis: I didn't know this existed! Art Blakey on drums, kind of like a jazz messengers quartet vibe.

Wayning Moments: There's a sweet swing version of Black Orpheus. The album didn't have the best review but I think Wayne and Freddie Hubbard sound great on it!

Night Dreamer/Juju: Adding these together for the Coltrane-esque back up band of Reggie Workman, Elvin, and McCoy. This is when the music started opening up more, and the model influence on the compositions started coming in full sway. Starting to equate Wayne's sound and concept with the space of Elvin's triplets.

Speak No Evil: Wowza, great compositions, this record brings me back several years. Starting to shift into Miles Second Quintet sound, but still with Elvin swinging away in the background.

The Soothsayer: Starting to hallucinate/get tired from staying up, it's roughly 4am right now. This is when we break away from the typical blue note, bop, modal sound and start adding Tony Williams and James Spaulding into the mix, to give it some avant garde edge. Going crazy quietly!

Etcetera: Vamp heavy, this seems more a pre-cursor to the 70s loft scene sound of Sam Rivers and those co-horts. Bass vamps, long solos, modal, and stretching out the form. The change to Joe Chambers is huge, more backbeat and funk to the drum sound, really gives the records a totally new sound, much heavier.

The All Seeing Eye: Where I am at now at 6:03am, bringin' in a wave of new instruments, harmonies reminiscent of Ornette's "Free Jazz" mixed with Sun Ra, mixed with Art Blakey. The new sheets of instrumental colors are taking me for a ride that I can't quite get off of. Reminds me of Tony William's Spring, and some of the looser Andrew Hill records with Joe Henderson. I am amazed at the colors that Ron Carter is playing, he's usually so "in," great to hear him taking risks.

Adam's Apple: I always thought this record was an early Wayne Shorter one, but it turns out it's one of the last ones before he goes fusion. Wayne really likes interacting with the drummer's snare, from record to record I keep hearing that interplay. We've come full circle and Reggie Workman is back on bass! Wayne's solos are starting to get longer in the past few albums and here, but he plays less, more like inspired collective improvisation, rather than a soloist concept.

Schizophrenia: Perfect end for my sleep deprived state of mind.

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