Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fred Frith

I have been doing more youtube-ing these days, and finding some incredible footage, so for now I am going to save three parts of a documentary on Fred Frith to watch at a later date, titled "Step across the border." From reading the wiki page on it, it seems to be shot similar to Ken Vandermark's documentary "Musician" in which they are non-narrated snapshots of the musicians doing what they do, without much information as to who is who, and where people are at in the filming.

I'll check this documentary out later on, but now it's saved!

EDIT: Just watched it a bit ago, great film, I think this is only a portion of it, but great pre-1990 footage of Fred Frith playing with Tom Cora, and with John Zorn, and a new band at the time "Keep the Dog." His solo playing was inspiring too, like a multi instrumentalist version of Derek Bailey with singing as well. The way it's shot is beautifully done, juxtaposing studio music of Frith projects with incredible black and white scenes of different areas from around the world. I gotta find the complete documentary!

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