Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silent Films TWO

The Cobra Ensemble got together this weekend yet again to add some more music to silent film. Below are the films we performed with links to watch them online. I am in the process of putting them up on my myspace page. The short ones, like "Le Retour a la raison" and "Rhythmus 21" are in the same sound file, the first one being Le Retour, and the second one, half way through the audio is the Rhythmus. Anyway, enjoy checking them out, and try to synch them up with the audio and video!

Man Ray's Le retour à la raison

Man Ray's Les mystères du château du Dé Part One, Part Two, and Part Three

Hans Richter's Rhythmus 21

Jean Painlevé's Le vampire

Roger Barlow, Harry Hay, and LeRoy Robbins's Even -- as you and I Part One and Part Two

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