Monday, January 25, 2010

Silent Films

The above picture is by arist extrodinaier Man Ray, and the painting is entitled A Night at Saint Jean. The COBRA ensemble just played through some improvised scores to some silent films. The links below are the films that we improvised to. I have uploaded the mp3s of our performance on to , and you should be able to link them up to the music by starting them both at the same time.

Marcel Duchamp's Anemic Cinema

Start the audio clip when the youtube clip is at 0:05 and it should be synched up.

Fernand Leger's Ballet Mecanique Part One and Two

The video clip should start around 0:51 to synch it with the audio

Man Ray's L'etoile de mer Part One and Two

Start the audio clip for part one around 9 seconds into the video clip
at 7:32 in the video clip you have to switch it over to the second audio clip
The second video clip should link up with the second audio clip at 0:36 of the audio clip.

Man Ray's Emak Bakia

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