Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reid Poole Trio/Quartet Tour

Well here I am, Day One of the jazz tour with Reid Poole and Britt Ciampa. We will be joined in our tour off an on by a tenor saxophonist as well as some good friends in Montana playing guitar and keys with us. I got down to Colorado Springs yesterday for several hours worth of rehearsals starting to play through the piles of music (must be at least 40 charts here if not more) that everyone has prepared for the tour. And to update, we are starting with a few dates in Colorado Springs, then up to Salt Lake City, then over to Billings Montana, then down to Laramie Wyoming, ending up eventually at Dazzle, the premiere jazz club in Denver. We have a mix of original music, 60s Miles Davis tunes, Masada tunes, Ornette tunes, and various other arrangements of things. Today is our first gig, this afternoon for tips at a coffee shop. This first gig is essentially a rehearsal gig, in which we know we won't make a lot of money, BUT we still have a lot of charts we haven't read yet, so we're going to use the gig to get through some more music, as well as start playing through some of the already rehearsed things to get a better sound going on with them. I'm stoked for this two week tour, the band sounds great, and it'll be a fun trip. I will be trying to update the blog from time to time about how the gigs/travels are going, considering I've never played a tour or anything like this before.


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  1. Thanks for your Kilby Court appearance. Really enjoyed the set. I think I got a good recording, will let you know when the tunes are posted.