Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Incredible Resources (just a few)

Part of the purpose of my blog is to catalogue and archive different online resources that I find to be incredible. And older resource I found back when it was "illegal" was the IMSLP a website, I believe started by a college student, to catalogue pdf scanned copies of any and all sheet music. It was illegal when I first found it, because it had a lot of 20th century music pieces that were not in the public domain. You not only can view these works, but also download them to your computer, so I believe I still have some Philip Glass and some Giancinto Scelsi scores from these older days. Eventually the site went offline for awhile, and then came back after hours/days/weeks/months worth of work to go through the entire site and take out all the illegal copyright infringed music and then put back up again. Still this is an incredible resource, and there is soo much music on this site.

A new website I have found out about is the Avant Garde Project. This is a project put together by a new music enthusiast that contians high quality vinyl rips of contemporary classical music that was never converted to the digital format. I believe there are 168 different albums to download right off of their website. As the creator of the site realized that certain recordings are available to purchase digitally, he will take the recordings off line, and link websites where you can find the music. I'm only up to AGP number 13, I've downloaded all of it (couldn't find 2 of the 168), and burned them all to disc and have them in a separate physical music folder. My goal is to listen to all the recordings at least twice, because the music is so heavy I can't just give it one fly by light listening, I want to really spend my time soaking in this huge variety of music. I have done a lot of work studying this music over the past few years (on recommendation from John Hollenbeck in a master class years ago), and even with the knowledge I have going in to it, have never heard of 80 percent of the composers in this collection. CHECK IT OUT!

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