Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ornette's Free Jazz!

I just got back last night from Denver, performing for the first time at Dazzle (Denver's main jazz club) as myself in the leading role, with a double quartet put together to perform Ornette tunes. We opened with Lonely Woman, performed Free Jazz in its entirety and ended with Theme from a Symphony. It was a crazy concert, and I am listening back to it now and it sounds great! The mics I set up to record are in the perfect spot to hear one quartet in one and ear and one in the other, very nice stereo imaging. What blows my mind outside of having a great band, that played the hell out of the piece and was enthusiastic about it the whole time, is that there were a lot of people there! $5 door cover, and I made about $400, and the club itself takes a percentage of the door. So that means there was at least 80 people there (half i didn't know!) there to hear Free Jazz, in a venue/city that I am not known at all in! We did well enough to warrant the next project which is to change the band around and perform John Coltrane's "Ascension."

Concerts like this not only amaze me at how successful this music can be, but also give me hope that I can pursue the music I want to pursue and make it work. I just have to work at it and keep on the path. I feel very inspired right now!

Now a temporary project is to get together with some friends as a quartet and do a free improv reading on my Morton Feldman Second String Quartet notes.... I've already got musicians in mind to do it, so just gotta keep moving forward!!

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