Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pillow People

Pillow People!! I have been going through old protools files edited/listening/bouncing through old sessions to try and delete some stuff and get some room. I found several sessions with no information on them, several duplicate sessions, one corrupted session that screwed me up for a bit, and some stuff I hadn't heard/remembered doing. I found one titled "Nov5A," with 6 tracks three unnamed and three named. The named tracks were "dark blue," "apples that smile" and "pillow people." They are free improvisations either duet with melodica and hand drums/percussion or trio with same instruments plus trumpets. All were made with my roommates at the time, my guess is november 2008 in our old house in Greeley Colorado. I bounced them to disc and later I think will transcribe them into compositions of their own right. Some of these I could see re-orchestrated for a jazz quartet/quintet. The thick sounding 3-5 note voicings on the melodica plus trumpet could make for some interesting sounds. I have been keeping in mind the "next record" with a combination of drums, bass, guitar, and a larger horn section of trumpet/alto sax/2 tenor saxes.

Anyway more on the topic is I would like to do more with transcribing free improvisations in different ways to open up them into compositions in their own right. I remember reading a Chris Speed interview about his band "Yeah no," and them playing free improv, him transcribing it, and then writing tunes using ideas from the free playing. I like the sounds of free playing, their is more timbral considerations in that than most jazz heavier improvisation. I have transcribed already all the free pieces from my album Quartet Art (yet to be released) so that their will be continuity in playing music from the album at the CD release (whenever that is). I think the next "album" I do should be all composed music, but composed music made out of material coming from free improv. The idea comes partially from Joan Miro who would start his paintings out with complete spontaneity and then at some point stop that process, and meticulous plan out and complete them with a total idea/concept in mind. My materials would be the transcriptions (and find different ways to present the transcriptions, normal vs. graphic notations, text, etc...) that I could manipulate into compositions. So transcribing the NOV 5A material gives me very simple, very open sounding music, that could easily be re-written for a larger ensemble.

THE OTHER fun find was an older project that I blogged about soon after making this blog was finding my Backyard Soundscapes file. It's 10 10 minute tracks of our backyard at different times in the day. I think I specifically recorded them so that they would be at different hours. My goal was to have 24 pieces of 10 minute audio, one from each hour of a day, but I never got that far. One of the tracks is not really usable because of a jazz trio recording in our house while i was outside recording. I thought it would work well, but it defeats the concept a bit. I bounced a track of it today of 9 tracks overlapping for 12 and a half minutes to use for a backdrop for improvisation. I think if I practice with it enough, especially with my prepared tools, it would make a good solo prepared bass piece with tape.

Going through old protools files is fun!

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