Monday, June 20, 2011

Kerouac on art

"My only ambition is to be free in art. This is a moral synthesis. To be free in art is like the refueled, repaired, reconditioned, and "fit" ship that I have signed on, and which is ready to sail in 4 hours from now. From there on, the ship is on its own, but it suffers from no drawbacks other than those in the essences of nature and supreme reality" - Jack Kerouac (the quote is from 1943)

This quote was taken from the book "Atop an underwood," which is a collection of Kerouac's earliest works, and this is an early writing of his about what it is he wants to do. There was a story I just read about him planning a play, and this play was going to be great, and SPONTANEOUS, and one day would just hit him in the face, and he would come home and write all of it out in one huge burst. Amazing that this is essentially "On The Road" that he is forseeing years in advance.

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