Monday, June 13, 2011

More Treatise, Electronic version

HERE is the link

(2002) Electronic realization of Cornelius Cardew’s graphic score, "Treatise". Sine waves are generated from the black areas of the score as it scrolls from right to left, with the y-axis corresponding to pitch. An imaginary vertical line in the center of the screen is the “sounding membrane”.

This is a link to what I envisioned the piece would sound like with electronics while I was working on my own version. I tried to account for all the symbols, read it left to right, below the line was low pitch, above the line was higher pitched, and the middle line was a drone. Obviously it doesn't do anything timbre wise or dynamically, and the numbers I feel really play a part of the piece. Either way i always wanted to hear some kind of simple, non-biased electronic realization, that was essentially this, and I feel like it really helps on a certain level to ascertain what the piece sounds like (it also confirms to me how annoying it is to have a drone as the middle line, which again is exactly what I did). Really great to hear and see this multimedia work of the piece.

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