Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More websites, and TREATISE ONLINE!

Alright, I've been doing a lot of interneting/computing in the last few days and here's the results:

My friend Thad told me about a site called piano files, which can be found here. You essentially set up a profile, list what pdfs of scores you have, and trade scores with other people online. Before I would go on scridb and look for scores/jazz transcriptions/books in pdf file format. That site is great, but it seems like there is a lot of junk on it, and hard to search for specific items. Pianofiles been incredibly helpful so far, to find scores that would cost a lot of money to try and rent from Europe (only can be found in Europe), and/or don't circulate on interlibrary loan, and/or out of print. I am very interested in curious about how different 20th/21st century composers notate music/ideas, and it seems like going to the score is the only way to find out the method of their madnesses (listening to it helps, but sometimes the process/notation doesn't come out too clear in the writing, especially with open form pieces like Christian Wolff's Edges, or Earle Brown's December 1952).

The other internet of note is that I am in the middle of re-bouncing Treatise to large WAV files and uploading it online to the same bandcamp site that has the Ornette Free Jazz show. So by the time you read this the entire recording of TREATISE by Cornelius Cardew that I made will be online to stream/download. So now there are two albums of music available, live Ornette and multi-tracked recorded Treatise.

I will be updating blog soon with my Free Improv/Free Jazz part two album list, showing my list of Free Improv recordings.

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