Monday, January 2, 2012

John Cage meets Beethoven, Smiley Series

This is a short post for two quick projects.

I read in Christian Wolff's collected book of writings, called "Cues," him talking about John Cage. Apparently John Cage told Wolff at one point that "The sound of all nine Beethoven symphonies played at the same time is as experimental as it gets." I thought about this for awhile, and just tonight uploaded videos onto youtube from protools manipulated files of all the movements of all nine Beethoven symphonies split into 24 tracks, and multi tracked on top of each other. You can find the first part of three parts here.

The second part is about "Smiley Series." This began simply with the Fort Collins' Tour de Fat weekend of 2011 hosted by New Belgium brewery, and my friend bringing a slide trumpet along for the bike parade. Later that day, me in my costume (which was a speedo and little else), was jamming out on his slide trumpet, while he took a video. Eventually I got a hold of it and put it on youtube. We thought then I should start a series of one minute videos, playing various instruments, in a speedo. The first video is here, and the one I recorded tonight is here, which is me playing melodica with a "devo" hat on. The next one may involve electronics, or beer bottles, or something of that nature, which other possible variations in location/clothing etc... I want the series to evolve organically, with some basic elements intact, for this performance art scene. Eventually it will be great to stack the audio on top of each other, for an isolated piece, when I have more videos up. Stay tuned and look for "Smiley Series" on youtube!

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