Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tony Malaby "Cosas" Version One

This is my first in depth post on the music. Go here to the scribd site to see my uploaded PDF transcription of Tony Malaby's "Cosas" from the 1993 album "Cosas" with Joey Sellers on trombone, Michael Formanek on bass, and Billy Mintz on drums.

Here's the analysis with time markings in the 9 minute and 14 second track:

0:01 -> 0:43

Free, playful dialogue between the tenor sax and trombone, and after a short melodic cue from the trombone, the bass enters.

0:44-> 0:57

During the free trio, the bassist Formanek goes into a repetitive drone, and eventually the trio hits a chord together. There is a brief pause and then some free playing, using parts of the melody, which I've notated out in bar 10.

0:58-> 2:13

The drums come in to set up bar 17, and 4 bars later at marker A is where the form begins. There is an active melody, rhythmic unison with tenor sax and trombone, melodic unison, and double bass playing off of line, in time. The melody fits over the form of "All the things you are," but I want to listen to more versions of the tune before I spell out any specific harmonies. There are dissonant ends of phrase, more held out chords, more harmonies with the horns, back to first melodic statement.

2:14 -> 3:20

Marked at letter B, bar 57 in my chart, there is a breakdown to bass and drums, seems kind of free, trombone comes in once with a line that starts on the 9th bar of the form. Now there are lots of space between the drums and bass, bass solo, and I can hear the "All the things you are form, with the Cosas melody quoted some.

3:21 -> 5:25

The tenor solo enters, still seems free, with the hinted at form of "All the things you are," quotes one of the melodic figures. Formanek is playing some definite Charlie haden-isms, and there are some hinted at Ornette lines with Malaby, quoting off of the melody, and building into figures.

5:25 -> 6:49

The tenor sax and trombone play an interlude melody which is at 62 in my chart. There is a trombone solo with arco bass (the bass plays mostly long tone chords/harmonics) freely i.e. David Izenon, with drums accompaniment. The trombonist Sellers uses several of quotes of the Cosas melody in his solo, which is over the form.

6:50 -> 7:43

The tenor sax comes in, and plays a unison melody with the bowed bass to accompany the trombone solo. The tenor and bass are freely accompanying the trombone during the rest of the solo.

7:44 -> 9:13

The band plays the four bar melody that is at the end of the form, the same way the inhead is played. Formanek's arco bass plays some melodic figure unison/harmony with the horn players, while also playing some harmonics. It sounds like it is still over the form of "All the things you are, and ends with a long held out chord.

That's it, my first analysis, on this version of "Cosas." Next up is the recorded version from the record "Sabino" seven years later in 2000, with Malaby, Formanek, Marc Ducret on guitar, and Tom Rainey on drums. If anyone has trouble getting the pdf off of the scribd site, email me at 1smileymn + @ + and I'll send you the pdf.

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