Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New records out on the Dazzle Jazz Label!

The restaurant and lounge, "Dazzle" in Denver has a great jazz record label, which you can check out here. Several of my friends and fellow Colorado musicians have put out new records on the label.

*EDIT* (Adding Dazzle Jazzfest)

Dazzle Recordings will be hosting a two day festival in April, 2012 that will feature the amazing recording artists that record under the Dazzle Recordings record label name. The Festival will take place at Dazzle Jazz (930 Lincoln in Denver, CO).

Saturday, April 21

1:45 - 2:30 - East High School Jazz Combo (Dining Room)

2:30 – 3:05 – Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts Messengers (Lounge)

3:15 – 4:05 – Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra (Dining Room)

4:10 – 5 – Shawn Costantino Quintet (Lounge)

5:05 – 5:55 – Julie Monley (Dining Room)

6:05 – 6:55 – Denver School of the Arts Workshop Orchestra (Lounge)

7:00 – 7:50 – John Lake and Shirley (Dining Room)

7:55 – 8:45 – The Teaching (Dining Room)

8:55 – 9:45 – Josh Quinlan "Mountain Time Standards" Quintet (Dining Room)

9:55 – 10:45 – Greg Harris Vibe Quintet (Dining Room)

After party in the Lounge with the Funky Fresh Trio (11 – 1:30)


Sunday, April 22

1:45 – 2:35 - Carmen Sandim Sextet (Dining Room)

2:40 – 3:30 – Steve Denny Trio (Lounge)

3:35 – 4:25 – Adam Revell and Essence Rider (Dining Room)

4:30 – 5:20 – Ben Haughland Sextet (Lounge)

5:25 – 6:15 – Peter Sommer Quartet (Dining Room)

6:20 – 7:30 – Matt Smiley Quartet Art (Lounge)

7:40 – 8:30 – Dave Devine Relay (Lounge)

8:35 – 9:50 – Ninth and Lincoln (Dining Room)

After party in the lounge with Manuel Lopez Latin Jazz Trio (10 pm)

You can check out more details at either here or here.


Steve Kovalcheck on guitar
Ben Markley on piano
Marty Kenney on bass
Chris Smith on drums

From the cdbaby website:

"For fans of well-played guitar, piano, bass and drums quartet, the new release from Raincheck will indeed be in heavy rotation! This fine ensemble - led by guitarist Steve Kovalcheck and pianist Ben Markley - will delight the listener with their solid and exciting brand of straight-ahead jazz. This group has garnered much attention for their tight group interplay and consistent sound, and this record attests the continuance of the group in their endeavor. The band swings hard out of the gate on Markley's composition "Right There." The energy level and band communication remain high - as noticed immediately on the track "M.O." - which features the fine writing and incredible guitar playing of Kovalcheck. Besides the high energy, a well-balanced program contributes to the success of this album. Markley's lyrical piano introduction on his composition "My Home" is not only beautiful, but a wonderful change of pace after his inspired playing on "Shadow Valley." Throughout the entire album, the musical connection of bassist Marty Kenney and drummer Chris Smith creates an undercurrent of energy that results in some enthralling moments of interaction that never take away from the feel and swing of the band. These musicians are preservers of the swinging hard bop music of the 1960s. Of course they bring their own compositions and interpretations to the fold, but the fire of their musical heroes burns bright! This is a swinging, musical album that is sure to please.

I personally finished listening to the album today, after starting it yesterday. I highly recommend it, there are great compositions, varied grooves and feels, incredible solos, all with a real sense of a group cohesion and unique sound. BUY THIS RECORD!

Josh Quinlan on saxophones
John Lake on trumpet
Ben Markley on piano
Kells Nollenberger on bass
Ed Breazeale on drums

You can go to Josh's website here. The cdbaby site has the simple quote that "The music of Mountain Time Standards reflects on the beauty of living in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States."

This record I listened to when it first came out, and I really enjoyed it! The interplay between the two horns immediately hit my ear, the great interaction with the rhythm section also, and some really great compositions! Not like the typical jazz record of "inhead" solos and "outhead," the compositions really take the listener to different places, and different moods. This is a beautiful record, so BUY THE MUSIC!!

Josh has played on my CD release concert for Quartet Art, helped me get on the Dazzle label, and plays as one of the rotating soloists at "Ace Gillett's" my house jazz gig in Fort Collins, CO. He's a killer player, and will be playing on another Quartet Art gig at Dazzle, for a recording artist weekend coming up, April 21st and 22nd.

Ben Haugland on piano
Dick Oatts on alto saxophone
Greg Johnson on tenor saxophone
Adam Bartczak on trombone
Jay Anderson on bass
Chris Smith on drums

This record just came out this week. I haven't heard it yet, but Jay Anderson borrowed my bass for the session, so I was in the studio when they recorded it. The band sounded incredible, the saxophones really had a great blend and interplay. I play with Ben every week at my house jazz gig, so I know his charts are impeccable, and the arranging and writing is really top notch. There is also the mix of older established musicians like Oatts and Anderson, with these younger virtuosic musicians who really stepped up to the plate on this. I can't wait to listen to the record, and am very happy for all involved, it's awesome. BUY THE MUSIC, DO IT!!!

John Lake on trumpet
Serafin Sanchez on saxophones and abelton live
Andrew Moorehead on keyboards
Paul McDaniel on electric bass
Ed Breazeale on drums

I haven't heard this record yet, and am not 100 percent sure if it is out yet, but I think it is coming out soon, if not already available. John is a great trumpet player, he's on the Josh Quinlan record mentioned above, and this group sounds like it'd be amazing! I'll have to edit this post when I get a hold of the record and hear it, but I guarantee it is one bad ass album, so go out there, contact John Lake, and BUY IT ASAP!!!! I'll put more info in here once I've heard it.

EDIT: (adding this record to the list)
Steve Denny on piano
Marty Kenney on bass
Ben Waters on drums

Steve gave me a copy of the record last weekend whilest both on a straight ahead jazz gig at Ace Gillett's. I have listened to it twice already, and it is a GREAT record of a trio of folks I've had the pleasure to know since I moved to Colorado. All these guys are incredible in their own right, and together they form this powerful triforce of jazz individuals that are taking over! Steve's compositions on the record go through a real transformation from the melon collie "Finn's Sick" to the upbeat "Stacie," and running through humor, swing, and few quirks along the way. You're in for a great musical ride with these guys, BUY THE ALBUM!!!

That's all the promo for now with my posts. I've got two album reviews coming up soon to be on the lookout for, and more Malaby posts, so stayed tuned to the blog!

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