Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Session

bandcamp site

Above is the link to click my recordings I have made over the last 2 weeks, in the album marked "the avant garde."  I set up shop in my new house's living room, with various mic placements, and a LOT of different instruments to record the following new music compositions:

John Cage - Four6

a 30 minute piece based on 12 different segments of sound no longer than a minute and half each, using a stopwatch to coordinate the timings.  I recorded this on 4 different multi instrumental setups.

John Cage - Radio Music

a 6 minute piece for 1-8 radios, that I recorded with 8 different radio parts, using 4 different radios (twice each).

Christian Wolff - Edges

I made this a 10 minute piece (it's of indeterminate length), for 6 multi-instrumental set ups.

Christian Wolff - Exercise 1

This exercise is the first of many of Wolff's exercise pieces, playing a unison line loosely unison, and with any clef (I used half of the instruments on treble and half on bass clef) that I recorded on basses, guitars, keyboards, drums and vibes.  My version is considerably slower than most available recordings of it.

James Tenney - Form 3

This is 14 minutes long, and is another stopwatch based piece, where I utilized 16 tracks of basses, guitars, keyboards and vibes.

I may add more tracks if I record anything later today or tomorrow, and will try to remember to add the details to the blog!  Enjoy!