Friday, April 19, 2013

Aquila Concert Series (Greeley, CO) Kickstarter, and some COBRA

HERE is the link to my friends' kickstarter fundraiser for the Aquila Summer Concert Series of Contemporary Music!  It's a great cause, helping to put on a lot of concerts of contemporary music in different venues in Greeley, Colorado.  I'll be curating one of the concerts, programming Christian Wolff's "Burdocks," a piece I've been wanting an excuse to perform for awhile!

One other quick note, I've been hesitant for awhile to post this, but here is the audio of the very first UNC Cobra Ensemble, in the early days.  That's all the info/details I'll give you, but keep in mind, this group rehearsed A LOT, and figured out this piece COLD, hand signals, guerillas, squads, operations, you name it, we knew this outside and in!!  It was by far the most advanced, and then after that we had a lot of REALLY GREAT incarnations of the band, one I remember we had THREE BASS CLARINETISTS as part of a dozen person or so ensemble. day I'll post the video, one day...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wrap up with the 2013 Open Space Festival at UNC

So the festival with Alvin Lucier happened, and went wonderfully well this year.  I've got audio here to download/stream for free here of the most of the thursday concert, and my piece that was performed on the friday concert.

Youtube links from the open space concert on thursday night:

composition for pianist and mother
shadow lines
tribute to james tenney
80 plus for alvin lucier
greeley memory space

Enjoy the audio/video!