Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cataloguing the Vinyl LPs

(pic above by Kenyon Brenner, from my recent birthday party jam)

So I've begun the giant project of cataloguing all of my vinyl LPs, mainly for tax purposes and insurance reasons.  However, I have come across the idea of selling the entire collection (save about 100 of the really rare stuff), if I get the right offer for the collection (which is something I will have to do for tax/insurance reasons anyway).  Anyways, I finished the two shelves that consisted of all my music EXCEPT jazz, classical and world music, which is the rock/bluegrass/blues/soul/hiphop/misc section.  I might do world music next, as that is less than a shelf, and mostly great north indian music.

For those interested, here's my MISC LP section:


Donald J Borror – Songs of Western Birds – Dover 22765-0

Frank Herbert – Sandworms of Dune read by the author – Caedmon TC 1565

George Milstein – Music to Grow Plants – PIP ECS 121

Harold Courlander – The World of Man vol. 2 RELIGIONS – Folkways FC 7432

Johan Dalgas Frisch – Cantos De Aves Do Brasil – Sabia MLP 689

Lester Sumrall – And the Demon Answered Back – Sumrall 7145B

Masada – Soundtrack – MCA 1568

Richard Hittleman – Yoga Meditation – Yoga for Health 1964

Sesame Street – My Name is Roosevelt Franklyn – Children Records CTW 22067

Solitudes – Environmental Sound Experiences vol. 6 – Litho DG 82006

Solitudes – Environmental Sound Experiences vol. 12 Listen to the Loons – Litho DG 88012

The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology - American Bird Songs vol. 1 – CH-1082B

The Hobbit – The Rankin/bass production of – Disneyland Records Storyteller 3819

The Peterson Field Guide Series (3LP) – A Field Guide to Western Bird Songs – HM5

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Soundtrack - Ode SP-77031

Vaclav Nelhybel - Traditional Harmony – Folkways FT3604

Walt Disney’s Uncle Remus – Uncle Remus – Disneyland 1205