Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Patchen quote and a Masada show in Denver!

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Kenneth Patchen Poem:


You have used a word
Which means nothing.
You have given a word
The power to send men to death.
Men are not free who are sent to die.
Only those who send them are 'free.'
You should have freedom stuffed down your fat throats.

I woke this morning and read this Patchen poem in the middle of a book of his called "The Cloth of the Tempest," and thought it was very relevant to our current political situation, especially on a day like today (9/11) and with the possible new war on Syria.  Hearing the word "freedom" in the news so much, especially on fox (faux) news, and how it really doesn't mean anything other than a tag word to separate the so-called "patriots" from everyone else.  Anyways, food for thought!

On a completely different note, I'm playing a Masada show in Denver at Dazzle very soon, September 23rd, a monday night starting at 7pm.  One of the first times I went to NYC I got to see a book two Masada concert at the Tonic with a bunch of different bands playing the music.  I've since transcribed 120+ tunes, played maybe a dozen shows of only that music (even though I've been playing some of those tunes for 10 years), and finally am doing one large and arranged show.  The first group will be the classic quartet set up of bass, drums, alto sax and trumpet.  After that I switch to electric bass, and we play some of the Masada music with two electric guitars, similar to the Rashanim + Marc Ribot music.  Finally there is an Electric Masada approximation which will be both those bands combined plus an additional percussionist and vocalist.  Originally I tried to book half Masada and half Cobra, but the venue didn't want it to be that "out," but I'm happy to just focus on this music.  There is a warm up Masada performance I'm doing with piano/clarinet/bass trio at a Unitarian church in Boulder, CO a week before the performance, so that'll be nice to get me in the Masada music mindset.

HERE is a link to buy tickets to the show, see who is playing on it, and check out more details with it.  I'll probably eventually post the audio on my bandcamp, depending on how well it turns out.  Hope to see you there!

The day before this show Alex Nauman and myself are recording a duo album at UNCO, hopefully another vinyl project, but definitely some kind of vinyl/small batch CD project with a lot of original pieces dedicated to different musician/composers.  My tunes are dedication pieces to John Zorn, Christian Wolff, Jack Kerouac/William Burroughs, Ken Vandermark, Devin Hoff and Ornette Coleman, and Alex has some dedications as well, to Frank Zappa and others.  Should be a fun session! This is a busy month of music, with a lot of great CDs coming out as well, so September 2013, here goes!!!

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