Thursday, February 13, 2014

Midwest Jazz Tour with the Josh Quinlan Quartet

Josh Quinlan Jazz Tour January-February 2014

January 16th – Crossroads Theatre concert/masterclass in Denver, CO with the Josh Quinlan Quartet plus Aldo Salvent (saxophone), followed by another concert/masterclass for Josh Quinlan’s Jazz History class at CU Boulder, CO with Ben Markley and Ed Breazeale

January 18th – Ace Gillette’s in Fort Collins, CO with Josh Quinlan, Aldo Salvent, Ben Markley and John Olson

January 26th – Frank Nichols House Party in Aurora, CO with Josh Quinlan, Ben Markley, and Ed Breazeale (ELLINGTON/STRAYHORN)

January 27th – University of Wyoming concert/jam session with Josh Quinlan, Ben Markley, and Ed Breazeale (COLTRANE)

January 29th – Dazzle show in Denver, CO with Josh Quinlan, Ben Markley, and Ed Breazeale (ELLINGTON/COLTRANE)

January 30th – University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA with Josh Quinlan, Ben Markley, and Ed Breazeale  (COLTRANE)

January 31st – Truman State University in Iowa, MO concert and masterclass with Josh Quinlan, Jeff Riley (saxophone), Ben Markley, and Ed Breazeale (COLTRANE)

February 1st – Circle M Music in Kirksville, MO with Josh Quinlan, Tim AuBuchon (saxophone), Ben Markley, and Ed Breazeale and Take Five in Kansas, MO with Josh Quinlan, Clint Ashlock (trumpet), Ben Markley, and Ed Breazeale (COLTRANE and ELLINGTON/STRAYHORN)

February 2nd – The Record Bar in Kansas, MO with Josh Quinlan, Clint Ashlock (trumpet) Ben Markley, and Ed Breazeale  (JOSH QUINLAN MUSIC)

The tour went really well, and it was good to get back on the road again.  This was the second jazz tour I have done (not including ones affiliated with my undergraduate jazz program).  The first tour was with Reid Poole and Britt Ciampa which you can read about from a few years ago on my blog.  This tour was with the Josh Quinlan quartet, featuring Ben Markley on keys,, and Ed Breazeale on drums.  We all fit in one vehicle with Ed behind the wheel, and I brought my electric fretless bass along for the ride!  Josh was able to secure upright basses for me for most of the dates, and got to play a few gigs on the electric.  I already am starting to brainstorm some projects in the near future playing electric bass jazz.

I didn’t keep a tour journal this time like I did with the last one, but all I can really say was that it was good to play the same music for most of the gigs, develop some things with the musicians in the band, and make some great contacts throughout the different places we were at.  The tour has resulted in multiple recording sessions that will happen in the next year, and we’re already setting things up for a June tour in NYC and Boston!  I’m truly grateful to have such good musicians to play and hang with, and I can’t wait to keep digging into more of these projects.  The quartet will be performing in Colorado in the fall as well with Greg Osby, so I have a lot of work to do to get ready for that!  I’ll keep the post short, but it was a great 5 days on the road, and looking forward to doing it again.  One of these days I’ll try to get my own touring happening, and try it from the leader perspective.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Jazz Food Name Puns

This is a northern Colorado made list of many jazz musicians' names as food puns.  Feel free to add more to the comments if you come across these, there's so many good ones!  I wanted to archive it, so here it is!

Ahmad Jamalted milk balls

                  Al "Ice cream" Cohn
                  Al-Fredo Jarreau

Art Pepper steak
art tater tots

                  Artichoke Blakey
                  Avishai Corn

                  Beans & Rodney

                  Ben Web-Stir Fry
                  Benny Collard-Green

                  Benny Green eggs & ham

                  Bill Hobo-Stewart

Billie Hollandaise sauce
                  Billy Corn-on-the-cob-ham

                  Bloody Mary McPartland
                  Bob Mintz-meat

                  Bob Sheppard's pie

                  Brad Goode-n-Plenty
                  Brandy Alexander Zonjic
                  BroccoLee Morgan casserole
                  Carmen McRib

                  Cedar Walton-Planked Salmon
                  Ceviche Cohan
Chet Baker's Dozen

                  Chick Corean Chicken

                  Chicken Breasts with a Jack DeJohnette Herb Sauce

                  Chicken Corea
                  Chicken Marsalis

                  Christ Potroast

                  Christian McChicken

                  Chu Berry Pie with crumbled topping and graham cracker crust

                  Clark Teriyaki Chicken
                  Clifford Brown Rice
Clifford brownies
                  Cole Porterhouse Steak
                  Connie Cheese Cayke
                  Cosmo-Paul Gonsalves-ton
                  Crab Calloways with East. St. Louis Noodle-oo's

                  Crisp Otter
                  Cyrus Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
                  Dave Hollandaise sauce
                  Dexter Gordon-bleu

                  Diana Krill (if you're a whale)

                  Dianne Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

                  Dick Oatts and Barley

                  Dirty Shirley Horn

Dizzy Gilles-Pea Soup                       
                  Dizzy Gilles-pizza
                  Dodo Mimosa
                  Don Cherry Coke
                  Don Cherry Pie
                  Drew Gressfed beef
Eric Dolphy-Free Tuna
Fizzy Gillespie
                  Flaming Rum Punch Miller
                  Frank-furter Foster

                  George ben-sunny side up

                  Gin & Tonicholas Payton
                  Gordita Navarro
                  Grant Gordy-tas
                  Grant Green-Eggs-and-Ham

                  Gravy Tate

                  Harry Carney-Asada

                  Heads of Paul Romaine Salad.
                  Hoagie Carmichael, Cole Porterhouse Steak
                  horace silver-dollar pancakes

                  Horseradish-Chive Samba Sauce

                  Ice cream Konitz
                  Jack (Walrath) and Coke
Jayme Stone-crabs
                  Jellyroll Morton
                  Jim Black and Tan

                  Jim White Chocolate Cake

                  Jim White Russian

                  Jimmie Heath Bar

Jimmy corn on the Cobb

                  Jimmy Heath Bar

                  Joe Locke's and Bagels

                  Joe Pass the Butter
                  John Lake Trout
                  Jonathan Kreis-burger

                  Keith Oxman-tail soup
                  Keith Spare-Ribs

                  Kells Nollenburger

Kenny Burrell-to
                  Kenny Carrot

                  Kenny Dor-HAM
                  Lee Morgan-zolla
                  Lemon and Olive-r Nelson Relish

                  Lemon-Pepper Adams Rub
                  Lenny White bread

                  Leroy oil and Vinegar dressing

                  Liza Martini

                  Long Island Iced Teagarden
Louis Prima-Rib
                  Louise Duncan Donuts
Mango Reinhardt
                  Marcus Miller Lite

                  Max Poached eggs
                  Max Roach Motel
                  Melba Toast Liston

                  Meyer Peterson

                  Milanesa Davis
Mingus Dew
Monte Cristo Alexander
                  Mrs. Sco-fields cookies

                  Mulgrew Miller-Light

Nat King Cole Slaw
Oscar Petit Fours
                  Panko-Crusted Fish Sticks with a Herb Alpert Dipping Sauce

                  Pate Metheny
                  Paul McKee Lime Pie
                  Peanuts Butter Hucko

                  Peter Potat-Erskines

                  Phil Woods-Roasted Striped Gene Bass
Philly Joe cheese steak

                  Quiche Lorraine Gordon

                  Reginald Veal

                  Rick Margharizta

                  Roberta Tortellini

                  Rosemary Clooney

                  Roy Hard-boiled-eggs

 Ryan Fourtune cookies

                  Ryan Kisor-Roll
                  Sex on a Doug Beach

Shirley Temple Scott
                  Sidney Beignet

                  Sliders Hampton
                  Sonny Fortune-cookie

                  Split-Pee Wee Russell Soup

                  Steve whippled-cream pie
                  Tacos al Pastorius

                  Tart Lande

                  Tequila Sun Ras

                  Thelonious Sphere Monkfish

                  Tina Turnips

Tom and Jerry Mulligan
Tommy, Flan? Again!?

                  Turkey a la King Oliver

                  Vijay Irish-potatoes

                  Vincent herring
                  Warne Marsh-mallow Ice Cream Konitz
                  Wayne Shorte-Ribs

                  Wilbur tupper-Ware


                  Wonton Kelly
                  Wynton Marsalad
                  Yawn Gunther