Monday, February 22, 2016

Catorce Platanos Music/Lyrics

Below are the lyrics to my new DIY February 2016 rock album: Catorce Platanos 

Lyrics by Matt Smiley, Tom Phillips, Anton LeVay, Jack Kerouac and Kenneth Patchen used in a “cut up” style


1) World Orbit

all over the world
Angels hanging in orbit
come to you in your mountain solitude
at the gate a gray foggy dusk
I didn’t have to hide in desolation

I’m not the smiling type
Outwards, upside and downstream in a
The cold that will not stop

What’s changed is changed
All over again

2) Wax Poet

with smiling sorrow
we have seen
we have been there
to rise on wings

one of the candles burning out
numb winter unable

unable to look out

knives in the case
collecting the rent
a tree stands in the field

but there’s a tiger in the air

3)  Simple Myth

an invitation was not possible to refuse
but the world is changing things
following faster
and here are more words

if one is truly good
wheeled slowly in
on the pier with the gun
right now where a beautiful girl is

inside this homemade radio
it is they who have beckoned

show us feeling

the bird is watching
the champagne art
the floating body
the golden hair
the reason I never found

the way to the gravy train
the weapon of logic
the witch had the muse

I was told of a midnight duel

4)Calm West

A man could repair bicycles, become visible
Become physical its difficult
Consider yesterday, was a good place
Defining cyclical, its reasonable

Her mother found her
High ahead above the altar
I am a lonesome traveler
I brave the storm for you

I learned to use a library
I see what’s in your hand
it’s lonely being

look I’ve got an idea
these notions of paradise
Old times gently held
out of my window they are building a wall

To our surprise, it was finished
The whole blank blue eyes

There are other stories
This happened to be where they lived

Wednesday morning the waves are tuned
what are you doing wandering in the rain
this is what’s clear to me
We have built a commune high
We’ve Turned slightly restless

5) You Start

confused shadows bewildered light
good plain talk from you
justify the physical to the pain

 never could resemble style

Opposite of a cloud behind the rain

riding down the time to nowhere
the system of California burning down
wall panels opened up
who distort the sacred, the sacred in their circles

6) Looking Backwards

to rise up in our the floating body
the cold has stopped
the bird is still watching
Consider tomorrow, is it a good town?
I’m confused and bewildered
I’ve come to collect
The rent that you owe me

the world starts to orbit
slanted shapes, broken wheels, broken chains
wondering about her
Tuesday evening the waves have turned
Slightly restless
We have, we have, we have

Opened up unable to look out

7) Chopped

maybe go for a ride
ditch all and go minimal
but then theres the end

you can have a
yellow moon
it’s sitting above the skyline right now
you can have a
bird  in a tree
it doesn’t matter to me

foggy mountain air
don’t you know the mad ones are out
all of life’s a foreign land
tasting rain as it falls
hearing the birds sing
have you heard the birds sing

8)  Waltz

A wave is in the field and here , in other words it changes things hidden in need In this old house, a Radio with a painful smile insensitive Winter, rises on, candles are lit to reject, where a beautiful young girl is smoking

9)  Sunken Helmets

while as puzzled
I’m Leaping in to life
They are Pointing at me
These chances lessen

A big thing the sea
fishing for more
When all have drunk

Let’s play some records
Let’s play some tunes
but now let’s sit in silence

Curious shining dowm
Celebrate the dusty ashes
A blonde girl sits in torn jeans
Its burning up in here

The leaves fall down your back
Placed all the spools of yarn
Eat these Turkish spoils
The ones I’ve typed and tacked up all day long

10)  No Words

(no lyrics)

11) Whale Wail Well

a television with a pleasant view
A wall by the field and there
all of this life is foreign to you
are you happy just to be outside

have you seen a Sunken helmet
are the candles really out
did you confuse the victory
Do you like my records

Do you like my tunes
have you heard that girl sing
in other words In this new apartment,
Its freezing in here

I know its getting lighter
 The responsible they sleep on, 
The hills are listening to us now
The wind is picking up the leaves

You point and I’m laughing

12) August Us

the   machine rumbles
an old woman is sweeping
woods are jutting out of the ocean
have you seen my blue scarf
we now are
did the light ever come back on

found out what I left behind
I pass by all the people
Falling through the summer sun
small things to hide

They have read into it
They have known pain
They have lessons

Then no one is one
And I sit down with my head
Wanting nothing
Seeing  all            

13) Directions

and here is the beginning
i’ve never been have you
the boat’s full speed ahead
the wind is picking up

Tomorrow night I wont be around
the fish has/have turned away
swimming out into the open
and I am sitting silently right now

there is no word that’s natural for/to me
the signs are sinking into hollow trees
the day is melting away into the now
and mars is sailing up upon the clouds

Thursday, February 11, 2016

music for a poem


First minute (light, wood, time isn’t real, slow, ocean)

Second minute (woman, run, currents, everything, light, (crash), build intensity, no time, simmer down)

Third minute (guitars, glazed, touched, finger tips, light, energy! Build, stirs, simmer down, tiny car crashes)

Fourth minute (colliding all along, light, speed up, light, corruption, crooked muses, seeping motion, sadness, not together, slap, downbeat, sighing, light)

Fifth minute (finger tip around rim, anchor, lighten up, simmer down, with pauses, sharp, lighthouses, bright, alone, distant, storm or sun, return to the ground)